Homebrew Website Club – Guadalajara – Meeting Notes #002

Another good meeting, I (Ken) am personally very happy that we had 9 participants for this session.

We did realize there is an interest in #homebrew (the beer) as well as #homebrewwebsite. I mentioned the possible confusion with the hashtag on the whiteboard and Cervera said “hey I brew beer too”. Ken made some nonsense remark about setting up a homebrew store like the ones in Canada.

Homebrew with Cervera, Rubio, Fredele and Miguel

Photo courtesy of photo from Fredele

Link back to the announcement for this meeting.

Meeting Notes via Fernando R

Self-assigned “homework tasks”


  • homebrew domain for the club build on Known


  • Statistics course
  • Statistics digest


  • Bring back her blog to life
  • Social posting and Engineering


  • Constant feed
  • Colophon about Twitch setup
  • Internet Archive
  • Presenting yourself to the world


  • Has a blog on github pages
  • dev.to

Fernando G

  • Jekyll setup
  • Also looking at Hugo
  • Martes de Taquito

Hermano de Maura (Manlio)

  • twitch?
  • buying a domain

Fernando R

  • keep going with the blog
  • backup scripts


  • telegram bot
  • developer blog


CerveraFredeleMauraManlioMiguelFernando GKen
Fernando RNext meeting to be determined, the campus is closed April 15-19 so perhaps a meeting offsite during that week.HomebrewWebsite club Guadalajara, meeting 002


Ken Bauer

Assoc. Professor #CompSci @TecDeMonterrey in Guadalajara, #edupunk, @FlippedLearning chair, podcasts @AskTheFLN #OEP, #Oilers fan, Canadian in Mexico.

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